Kofi Kingston Says New Day Will Never Break Up

Kofi Kingston believes he'll never split from Xavier Woods and Big E but is he correct?

Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston wins the WWE Championship (Photo: @WWE IG)

With Kofi Kingston having won the WWE championship at WrestleMania 35, some are wondering what the future of New Day is. Will one of his partners turn against him in a quest to win the title for themselves? Will Kofi leave his teammates behind as he looks to headline future PPVs?

Kingston spoke to TMZ Sports recently and stated that New Day will never break up.

Kofi Kingston On New Day Potentially Breaking Up

“The philosophy of New Day has always been to lift your brother up,” Kingston said. “So, that is the goal.”

He continued to say that while sometimes a wrestler in a faction who has individual success leaves the group, he doesn’t see that as the path any member of New Day would take.

“Anyone who has seen New Day on TV, everything that we do is atypical,” he continued. “We come out, we skip, clap, I twerk, I wear unicorn horns, we wear pink and blue, you know what I’m saying?”

To break-up like other factions do, Kingston says, would not be a fitting story for New Day.

“Everything that we do is not your typical story,” he continued. “So for us to break up like that would be like the opposite of New Day and just doing the standard fair. So, from that aspect alone, it just won’t happen. Everything we do, we do together.”

Unfortunately for Kingston’s New Day stablemate, Big E, he’s out for an extended period of time with a torn meniscus.

“New Day is all about the group and that’s the way it’s going to be,” Kingston continued.