Kofi Kingston Talks Which WWE Star Who Should Be Pushed More, Praises 205 Live

Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston recently did an interview with The Independent where he talked about a wide range of topics including which WWE stars he thinks should be pushed more on WWE television.

This is where the longtime WWE star named Apollo Crews and brought up how he’s super athletic and talented.

“There are a lot,” Kingston said. “I am happy to see Apollo Crews getting some time [on television]; he had a real good match with Kurt Angle on Raw. He is super athletic and super talented, so for him to get a chance to shine is awesome.”

Kingston also praised the 205 Live brand and talked about how he thinks WWE should use some of the stars on the cruiserweight roster to get opportunities on a bigger stage.

“I’ve always said that 205 Live is one of the best-kept secrets in WWE,” stated Kingston. “If you watch that show, and see the quality and caliber of athletes on that show; it’s amazing, the things they can do and the stories they can tell in the ring.”

Kingston would add how there’s a lot of talent out there but it’s tough as oftentimes not all of that talent can get used. He noted that he’s happy to see guys that don’t get used a lot and get a chance to really show their abilities on television.