Kofi Kingston Wants To Face “Everybody,” Including Brock Lesnar

Kofi Kingston is eager to become a fighting champion, claiming that he wants to go up against "everybody," including Brock Lesnar and a number of NXT Superstars.

Kofi Kingston
WWE Champion Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston clearly wants to be a fighting champion. The WWE Champion spoke with WrestlingAc.com whilst in Saudi Arabia for WWE’s Super ShowDown event, confirming that he wants to take on all comers, including Brock Lesnar.

“I want to to go up against the best. Everybody. I want to go up against everybody, that’s why you saw me on RAW telling Brock Lesnar to cash in his briefcase on me,” Kingston said. “And a lot of people are like, ‘Don’t do that because Brock, whoever he cashes the briefcase on…he’s automatically going to win!’ I want to be the best WWE Champion that I can possibly be, and the only way I can do that is by beating the best, so I will not shy away from Brock Lesnar.”

Kingston explained that becoming the WWE Champion is an undeniable accomplishment, but likens it to climbing a mountain only to discover there’s another, higher mountain behind it.

When asked about who he would like to face from NXT, Kingston responded enthusiastically, saying “There’s too much talent down there. Adam Cole is awesome, Johnny Gargano is awesome, Rodrick Strong is awesome, and I can’t mention names because I’ll leave names out,” Kingston exclaimed.

“Tyler Breeze, too, is amazing,” he added. “You know there’s way too much talent for me to pick one. […] I’m hoping all of those guys make it up to the roster at some point in time.”

Kofi Kingston will defend his WWE Championship tonight in a Steel Cage match against long-time rival, Dolph Ziggler.