Konnan Says Impact’s New TV Network Will Be “Substantially Better”

Konnan says Impact's TV home in the fall will be "substantially better" than their current one.

Konnan Impact

When Impact Wrestling finds a new US broadcast partner for their weekly TV show, Konnan believes it will be substantially better than their current deal. Impact’s deal with the Pursuit Channel has been marred by problems. Pursuit initially listed the show as four 30-minute episodes and also failed to come back from commercial one week during a main event match between Rich Swann and Michael Elgin.

Konnan appeared on the WINCLY podcast recently and spoke highly about Impact’s rumored potential new TV deal.

“It doesn’t matter how good you are if no one is watching you. And that’s a problem because we’re real good right now,” Konnan said. “No one can really see it unless you get it on Twitch and a lot of people don’t wanna go on Twitch.”

Konnan Confident Impact Will Broker New TV Deal

Konnan previously mentioned he is confident Impact will be on a new channel come the fall.

“Just about anything…you could be on MTV3 and that would be better than being there,” Konnan said. “The place they are going is substantially better.”

Konnan also spoke about cannabis, his health, and other work in pro-wrestling. The full interview can be listened to below:

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