Kurt Angle Admits He Was Disappointed With WWE Return

Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was recently interviewed by ComicBook.com to talk about several pro wrestling topics including the disappointments he had with his WWE return.

Angle started out by talking about his drug addiction and leaving WWE in 2006 then going to Impact Wrestling. When he tried to return to WWE a few years ago, WWE had no interest in him. However, things later changed and he did make his return.

“So when you say, am I upset about coming back? Yes, I’m upset about it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, being part of the Shield was awesome, but to have my return, of course I want to … you know, I thought I was going to get the royal treatment and I’d be wrestling in main events. And I was wrestling pretty good at that point, ’cause I was very active. When I became inactive is when my body shut down and my age started to show.”

Angle brought up how sitting out for several months your body becomes arthritic and you start tensing up. When he’s wrestling several times throughout the week then you’re breaking open that scar tissue and that helps his movement.

“So when I got into that match it was fun for me. And was I a little disappointed? No, because it was the Shield, but I was disappointed that I didn’t get a Kurt Angle feature match. But I understand. And what I’m getting to is this. When I came back here I was a liability. Vince McMahon knew that. And they were having me drug tested to make sure I was clean.”

Angle admitted that is his fault and understood why McMahon did what he did. He would bring up being put into the Hall of Fame then serving as the RAW General Manager and later wrestling.

“He looks at me and says I don’t want this kid to screw himself up again. So I’m going to keep him straight by giving him these roles. So he only have me wrestle every once and awhile. And he wouldn’t let me wrestle for longer than seven minutes. So it was like, sure I was upset, but I understand.”