Kurt Angle Defends WWE’s Product From Criticism

Kurt Angle

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle took part in a Q&A session on his Facebook page where he took questions from fans.

Right off the bat, Angle was asked about the current product that WWE is presenting to their fanbase. Although the legendary pro wrestler is no longer active the in-ring as a performer, he is still with the company and in a significant role. 

Angle has mentioned interviews that he signed a contract to remain with WWE in a backstage role to work with the younger talent. This is where he defended WWE’s product. 

“The shows are about as good as they’re going to be. Keep in mind that WWE is a world wide phenomenon. It’s bigger than ever. With that comes responsibility. WWE is a publicly traded company that gears toward children and families. During the attitude era, wwe catered to young adults. The storylines were Rated R type storylines. WWE can not do those types of storylines anymore. 

Angle continued, “And IF they do, it has to be done very carefully. WWE has shareholders that are involved in the product. The shareholders want the company to remain a “family” type show. That’s the difference in writing. As far as the wrestling is concerned, it’s every bit as good now as it ever was. These are strictly my opinions, but I think they’re accurate.”

WWE recently felt the impact of their decline in popularity as the Stomping Grounds pay-per-view didn’t draw well and Monday’s RAW only drew 3500 fans in attendance. 


  1. Big Roy
    The athletes in WWE are phenomenal but let’s be honest, the booking and angles are what ruins the product. Wins and loses do not matter, there is little continuity with storylines, and typically the wrong people are being pushed. Therefore it ruins the product.
  2. wwe88
    To answer that yea ur right but I know you got to realize about now what are they trying to do, I'm not gonna say but try to figure it out ,like i say before wwe could always switch things around ,when they have Shane segments week after week with Roman reign, I actually found out what they trying to do n now it makes sense so I'm gonna continue watching it
  3. Joey Weston
    3500 fans thats it for last night wow. Either thats bcus they were in everette,wa which isnt a popular city or maybe most people decided not go buy a ticket
  4. Joey Weston
    sadly wwe could make their product better they choose not to as for wwe raw stop going to crapy places in the state of washington
  5. Cujo999
    Booking is partly to blame, but talent at the top of the card is also an issue. Rollins and Kofi simply are not good champions. They are both fine chasing the title, but don't know how to carry it. They don't have an Austin/Hogan babyface that fans will stick behind as they mow down challenger after challenger and they don't have a Flair/HHH heel that will draw mega heat as they screw face after face. From the ground up though, the product has been showing improvement. You have two good workhorses with the mid card titles in Balor and Ricochet, the tag divisions are both good, the CW's are actually a hidden gem for great wrestling, and the 24/7 title got over big time which will help the guys towards the bottom of the card. Cutting out the commercial breaks in matches and featuring more actual wrestling is a good change. There is bad stuff, don't get me wrong. Joe getting a WWE title shot immediately after dropping the U.S. title makes no sense, but I am a mark for Joe and I'm glad to see him in a top program. The Rollins/Corbin and Becky/Lacey feuds have drug on way too long and have hurt all four parties instead of elevating them. With the women's and mid card talent they have, there's really no reason for programs that aren't over to be drug out 3-4 ppv's, especially when one party isn't even going to win a single match.
  6. Rene Pepe Donglebush
    It's also June and nearly everyone is out on vacation or enjoying the weather somewhere.