Kurt Angle Explains Why He Wasn’t The Same During His Final WWE Run

Kurt Angle explains the reason for his sloppiness in the ring during his final run

RAW General Manager Kurt Angle

A lot of people were disappointed with Kurt Angle’s final run in WWE and many noted that the WWE Hall Of Famer was nowhere near the level of an average active performer in the ring.

During a recent interview with WrestlingInc, Angle talked about this and claimed that the reason for his sloppiness was his inactiveness after becoming the Raw GM.

According to him if you are just sitting around for almost a year and they call you to wrestle, it’s not going to be the same Kurt Angle that everybody knows:

“If you’re just sitting around for 9-12 months and they call you to wrestle, it’s not gonna be the same Kurt Angle that everybody knows. When I finally started wrestling, it was too late for me. I don’t blame Vince for that because I know what he was trying to do and making sure I was okay.”

Continuing on the topic, Kurt also discussed Baron Corbin being his opponent for his farewell match and claimed that if he wanted to wrestle a high profile opponent at the show then he could have waited a year.

Angle went on to claim that it was his fault for deciding to retire at WrestleMania 2 months before the show. He had realized that he couldn’t do it anymore and said that Vince McMahon made the right decision when he chose Baron Corbin as his opponent.