Kurt Angle On Fans Comparing Daniel Bryan vs. Mustafa Ali To His Match Against John Cena

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently did a Q&A on Facebook and commented on a number of interesting topics. Right off the bat, one fan asked him about comparing Daniel Bryan vs. Mustafa Ali on SmackDown to his match against John Cena on the night that he made his main roster debut on SmackDown in 2002.

“I believe it had the same feel. The champ (Bryan) gave the new kid (or younger kid) a chance and the new kid stuck with him the entire match. Nothing more exciting than to see a heel champ lose (or almost lose) to the young buck. Great story telling. Both matches had that.”

Although Angle is one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the business, everyone has a bad match and that includes him. Thus, he reflected on his worth match that he had in his pro wrestling career.

“I once had a triple threat match in Korea that was pretty bad. I couldn’t understand either one of my opponents. One was from Korea. The other was from Japan. It was bad. That’s probably the only bad match I’ve ever had. You remember the bad ones.”

Finally, Angle was asked about if Bray Wyatt could reform the Wyatt Family with Braun Strowman, which he responded by stating, “It would be cool. But I think Braun can take care of himself, even with the injury. Braun is a badass.”