Kurt Angle On If WWE Should Turn Roman Reigns Heel

RAW General Manager Kurt Angle

Whether or not Roman Reigns should turn heel is a discussion which has been going on for years now and seeing the current WWE scenario, this debate is only destined to continue.

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle recently held a question and answer session on his Official Facebook page where a fan asked him whether he thinks the Big Dog Should turn heel.

Replying to it, the Hall Of Famer said that the answer is both yes and no because fans continue to respond to the former Shield Member indicating that it doesn’t matter if it’s a positive or negative response:

“Yes and no. The fans continue to respond to Roman…whether it’s a positive or negative response. Fans CARE about him. Whether he stays face or turns heel, he will always be “the guy”. He gets a huge response every time he comes out to the stage. It’s called popularity. And he’s really good. ”

It’s worth mentioning here that recent reports claim that Officials are still trying to find ways to get people to cheer Roman, despite his recent loses to Brock Lesnar and the company is expected to continue pushing Reigns as a babyface.

Discussion – How do you think WWE should handle Roman Reigns after losing to Brock Lesnar twice? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.