Kurt Angle On Similarities Between AEW And TNA

Kurt Angle compares AEW to the early days of TNA

Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle recently held another Q&A session from his Facebook page and he answered questions related to his favorite movie, his hobbies other than wrestling and more.

AEW has been creating buzz ever since the company was made official in January this year and due to many similarities between the two, people have been comparing the upstart promotion to WCW.

However, a fan-made an interesting comparison between the promotion of Tony Khan and TNA and asked Angle if he sees any similarities between the two.

Replying to it, the former World Champion admitted that he does see some similarities between the two but claimed that AEW has a long road ahead of them:

“I see some similarities. AEW has a very long road ahead of them. I know that the talent there is up for a challenge. The can succeed if done right, but AEW will need to realize they will always be #2. WWE is way too big and has way too many years behind them for a new company to step in and take over the top spot”

Angle also went on to recall the time when TNA tried to compete with WWE on Monday night. He revealed that he had told the TNA Officials that they will never beat the company and they should be happy with being the number 2.

Apart from this, Kurt Angle also talked about the Fiend Bray Wyatt, important noncamera roles in WWE and more. You can check out his post below: