Kurt Angle On Wrestling Chris Benoit, Which Evolution Match He Is Looking Forward To

Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle recently held another Q&A session from his official Facebook page where the Olympic Gold Medalist talked about a number of stuff.

Kurt first talked about the upcoming World Cup at the Crown Jewel PPV and claimed that he is ready to wrestle 3 matches on the show if he has to.

When asked which Evolution match he is looking forward to, the former World Champion said that he is looking forward to the Ronda Rousey vs. Nikki Bella bout as he wants to see if Nikki is able to keep up with Rousey after staying away from the ring for a while.

Talking about his toughest opponents in the ring, the former Impact Wrestling star said that he found the likes of John Cena and Steve Austin to be tough but his toughest opponent was Chris Benoit:

“Austin was tough…Cena was tough, too. But Benoit was the toughest. It was like wrestling myself when I was in the ring with him.”

Angle also talked about Roman Reigns, saying that he is a very special person. According to him, despite being a locker room leader Roman never acted like one and he loved to interact with everyone.

Apart from this Kurt Angle also discussed a milk drinking contest, thing he would like to change in WWE and more. You can check out his post here.