Kurt Angle Says Lesnar’s Shooting Star Press At WM 19 Was His Idea

Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle

Back in 2003 Brock Lesnar had one of the most memorable botches in professional wrestling history. It all happened in the midst of “The Beast’s” WWE Title match with Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 19. The finish of the match was initially set to be Lesnar hitting a Shooting Star Press on Angle for the win.

Instead, when Lesnar came off the top rope, he missed Angle’s body and landed right on his own head. Eventually, Lesnar went on to win the match and the WWE Championship. Today, Angle is a WWE Hall Of Famer while Lesnar is one of the biggest draws in combat sports.

The former Olympic Gold Medalist took to his Facebook profile and held a Q&A with fans. One of the questions was if he and Lesnar exchanged words after the both at WrestleMania 19. In his answer, Angle revealed the spot was actually his idea:

“Well, it was my idea to do the shooting star…Brock misjudged the flip and landed on his head. It was a scary moment.

“But nothing was said between us about it. The match spoke for itself regardless of the failed flip. If anything, it became one of the most popular Wrestlemania moments.”

What do you think of Angle coming up with Lesnar’s Shooting Star Press spot?