Lacey Evans On Proving Herself In WWE, Transition From NXT To RAW, Marine Corps

Lacey Evans talks to Sporting News about overcoming adversity and proving herself in WWE

Lacey Evans
Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans has never had it easy, but that’s what makes her the focused, driven performer who is determined to achieve success at the highest level possible in WWE.

Although she is still only 29 years old, Evans has had a long lifetime full of struggles and obstacles en route to her current spot on WWE’s main roster as part of the RAW brand. The three-year WWE veteran who is a former military police officer with the Special Reaction Team (a specialized unit similar to SWAT), recently spoke with Brian Fritz (@BrianFritz) of Sporting News about a number of topics, including taking her daughter on the road with her in WWE.

“It’s amazing. It definitely motivates me,” Evans told Fritz about traveling on the road in WWE with her daughter. “It reminds me why I do what I’m doing and it really helps me through this process. I’m learning a lot within WWE. The biggest thing that I like is the fact that she’s here and she can watch me first-hand work really hard to fight for becoming a champion and doing good at whatever is expected from me.”

Evans continued, “Life is hard, new jobs are hard. They really put you out of your element and it takes a lot. So, to be able to show her first-hand the work that gets put in and show her that she’s capable of anything as long as she works hard, it means a lot to me.”

“The Sassy Southern Belle” knows first-hand about putting work in. She told Fritz, however, that she is eager to do more.

Evolution Of Lacey Evans On WWE Main Roster

After initially coming out, waving and leaving when first joining the WWE main roster, Evans has finally been able to show her physical side as of late.

She recently competed against RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch for the title at the WWE Money In The Bank 2019 pay-per-view. Although she came up short in her attempt to capture the top prize on the red brand in her first swing at the plate, she did manage to provide an enormous assist to Charlotte Flair.

Evans helped “The Queen” gain an advantage in her SmackDown Women’s Championship match with Lynch on the same PPV, as she hit “The Man” with her “Women’s Rights” finisher, which ultimately led to Flair beating Lynch for the title.

While talking with Sporting News this week, Evans spoke about being a very physical person, a trait she credits the U.S. Marine Corps for instilling it in her at a young, formative age.

“Oh, I’m a very physical person. Blame it on the military if you want, but I’m mean,” Evans said. “I’ve very mean and I was excited to get my hands on somebody. It didn’t matter who. I was just blessed that I got to walk out and show my face and remind the WWE Universe that Lacey Evans is here and ready for whatever the hell she wants.”

She added, “It was cool but, definitely, I was excited to get in the ring and start proving what I’m capable of.”

The Sassy Southern Belle Overcomes Adversity, Finds Herself In Marine Corps

Evans is capable of quite a bit after overcoming a difficult childhood and serving in the military for several years before making the transition to the pro wrestling world.

“There was depression, addiction and it was never enough,” Evans told Fritz about the environment she grew up in. “My father, unfortunately, lost his battle just two months before my WWE tryout. The Marine Corps saved me as far as getting my mind clear and being able to get myself in a place with better influences and role models in my life because I didn’t have that growing up.”

The WWE Superstar explained how joining the U.S. Marine Corps definitely changed her life for the better.

“If I didn’t join the Marine Corps, there’s no telling what would have happened to me, my family,” Evans said. “Me as a mother, me as a wife, but it’s definitely one of the best decisions I ever did make because growing up without a positive role model, you’ve got to find them somewhere and I found that in the United States Marine Corps. I found that in the leadership I had while in active duty and I couldn’t be more blessed to have that in my life because it definitely made me the woman that I am today.”

Lacey Evans Goes From Black & Gold To Red, Ready To Prove Herself

The woman Lacey Evans is today is one of the top contenders in the current women’s landscape on the WWE main roster. Not only did her transition from the black-and-gold brand in NXT to the red brand in WWE come with more career opportunities, it also helped improve her personal life at home.

“It’s been very good,” Evans said when asked how the transition from NXT to WWE went for her. “When you go from NXT to RAW, where I’m at now, you get to actually move back home from Orlando. That’s the best thing that I like is the fact that I actually go back home because we’re on the road so much. But I worked prior to WWE and I worked really hard to establish a home that had to go on the back burner in order for me to focus and hone in my skills as being a sports entertainer. I just get to be home a little more, my home in South Carolina and I get to raise my baby in the town that she’s from.”

As far as the business side of things, Evans admitted the transition came with bigger opportunities. This, according to Evans, is exactly what she wants. All she has ever wanted is a chance to prove herself, and now, she feels she is in a position to do exactly that.

“The spotlight goes from big to bigger and you’re really put out there and out of your element and expected to show what you’re capable of,” said Evans. “It’s motivating. It lights a fire under you to push yourself more. Show up and prove to them in WWE that you can do whatever they need you to do.”

After spending years proving herself in the U.S. military and again in NXT, Evans is ready now more than ever to prove herself to the WWE Universe.

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