Lana “Declares” She Is Facing Asuka At WrestleMania 35

Returning to her YouTube channel, Salty Lana addresses the "elephant in the room" before decrying the unfair nature of Mandy Rose declaring her own opportunities. Lana then declares a few of her own.

Lana is back with another YouTube video, and she’s just as salty as ever.

Taking to her personal YouTube channel, she would once again share her unhappiness and disgruntlement with her current position with the company — with the assistance of a prop salt shaker, just to really hammer the point home.

“I Don’t Need The McMahon Family To Make Announcements For Myself”

Wanting to address the “elephant in the room,” Lana would confirm she is still injured, indicating at her foot. She then turned to the unjust nature of Mandy Rose inserting herself into a matchup with Asuka at Fastlane.

“Now, to my understanding, there was an announcement made on RAW saying only the McMahon Family could make title matches. Only the McMahon Family – Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, Triple H because he’s a part of the McMahon Family — can make official title matches that are on RAW or SmackDown or pay-per-views. So, how is Mandy making a declaration that she has a title match at Fastlane versus Asuka?”

She stated that she is salty that she was “so dumb and stupid not to pick up that I could declare, I don’t need to just wait for the McMahon Family to make announcements for myself, to declare that I’m going to have title matches.”

Lana then shared what she described as “breaking news,” saying that she is “declaring that I am going to face Asuka at WrestleMania for the Women’s SmackDown Live title.”

Doubling down, she would continue, “I’m declaring, I’m grabbing the brass ring. Yes, I am. Right now, from YouTube. I’m grabbing the brass ring. And all the people that are getting all mad, all this and that, you’re salty, too.”

Utilizing YouTube to try and engage with a fanbase isn’t new — just look at what Zack Ryder achieved for a short while years ago. But it’s an interesting attempt on Lana’s part to try and stay on the WWE Universe’s radar whilst injured. Whether WWE management feels the same way is a different discussion entirely.