Sunday, November 29, 2020

Lana On Parents’ Condition Following COVID-19 Diagnosis

Lana's mother and father are both doing better following being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Lana stated on social media recently that both her parents have tested positive for COVID-19. Her mother was taken to the hospital as she was having trouble breathing. In a recent video update, Lana let fans know that her mother is doing much better. They have taken her off oxygen.

“My mom is doing much better. They have had her off of the oxygen in the hospital for over 24 hours now, so that’s incredible,” Lana said. “Thank you guys for all your prayers and positive thoughts. Her oxygen, the thing she has to breathe in, it’s like you don’t want it lower than 90 and its at 93 right now.”

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“She’s out of the ICU, she’s in a hotel room and they are talking about releasing her today because she is doing much better. They said that she’s not out of the woods though yet. So, just keep her in your prayers and thoughts but she is doing much better.”

Lana also updated fans on her father’s condition.

“My dad is doing better. He’s on about day 15 now from his first symptom. He couldn’t get out of bed at all for a week. Last week, he could not get out of bed but he’s not asthmatic like my mother is.”

“Wear your masks, like for real and now that things are starting to open up in America, you have to be extra careful.”

“We have to come together and we have to be kind and be nice and continue to lift each other up and be nice.”

Lana’s comments can be heard in the player below:

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