Lana Accidentally Tweets ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’ Photo

WWE Superstars Rusev and Lana were overseas last week visiting Rusev’s home country, Bulgaria, to celebrate their anniversary. Lana kept fans apprised to their trip and tweeted several photos of them milking cows and herding sheep.

One of the photos, which has since been deleted, depicted Lana bending bending over while watching Rusev milk a cow. Lana had a “wardrobe malfunction,” with her bikini top failing to cover everything it was intended to.

The caption of the photo read, “Couples that milk cows together stay together. Happy Anniversary @RusevBUL.”

Several fans were quick to point out that Lana was showing off more than she intended to. One fan asked, “Is that your nipple hanging out of the 3rd pic?” while another said, “Didn’t milk cows like that where I come from.”