Lana Thought We Were Getting The Women’s Tag Titles At Evolution

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While we don’t know when WWE is actually going to introduce the Women’s Tag Team Championships, they keep the discussion for it alive by having various superstars talk about it. This time it was Lana’s turn to do so.

The SmackDown Star was recently interviewed by Markeia McCarty where she talked about a number of things related to women’s revolution as seen below:

Discussing the recent Evolution PPV, Lana claimed that it was incredible and many of the female locker room members couldn’t have even imagined having an all women’s PPV.

She then said that she is very thankful for the experience to be a part of it and brought up the topic everybody has been discussing for the past several months.

The female star said that she was hoping that they will announce the Women’s tag titles on the same night and she felt like it was going to happen when they called everyone on the stage at the end of the show.

While this didn’t turn out to be the case and the angle was just a way to culminate the event, continuing on the topic, Lana said that it’s still exciting to be able to work towards these things. She hoped that one of these days they are going to get the tag titles.

Was Evolution the best opportunity to announce the Women’s Tag Titles which WWE missed? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.