Lance Archer Reveals He Never Had a Full Time Contract With NJPW

The Murderhawk Monster reveals that he never had a full-time contract in New Japan, even whilst he was IWGP US Champion

Lance Archer
Lance Archer (Photo: AEW)

The ‘Murderhawk Monster’ Lance Archer recently appeared on the Talk Is Jericho podcast. The former TNA, WWE and New Japan performer would discuss a number of topics from his career; including how he would end up leaving Japan after eight years to join All Elite Wrestling.

“So everything was a whirlwind” Lance Archer began, discussing the transition back to the United States. “We literally just finished the World Tag League last year, I got home on December 9th I think? AEW was coming to Dallas on the 11th so I got home on a Monday and AEW was in Dallas on the Wednesday.”

Lance Archer would elaborate further, saying “I know Billy [Gunn], so many of the guys like Trent, who was getting ready to work with Moxley. I know Kenny Omega and all these guys, they’re friends of mine.”

The Murderhawk Monster would then reveal that initially he was just going to the show to see friends, not actually looking for a job at the time.

“I was like I want to go see my friends, I’m not going looking for a job. I’m not going to bother anybody, I don’t want to be that guy going ‘hey man can you can you hook me up brother?’ I didn’t want to be that way you know? And things were good with me in New Japan so it wasn’t like I was in essence needing to do that at the time.”

Lance Archer
Lance Archer

Lance Archer Meets Tony Khan

Lance Archer would then talk meeting AEW President Tony Khan for the first time. “So I just wanted to go see my friends and it was one of those situations where I got to meet Tony for the first time and we had a good conversation. He and I talked that night and we talked about the possibility of something in the future. It came to be that they found out that I didn’t have a full contract; I had never had a full contract working with New Japan for over eight and a half years. Or just eight years at that point.”

Chris Jericho was completely bemused at this, referencing how WWE had previously taken the likes of AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Gallows and Anderson from New Japan. “Even after they raided Gallows and Anderson, AJ and Nakamura they didn’t sign you up to a contract!?” Jericho asked.

Lance Archer would then reveal that newer talent in New Japan are now signed to full contracts. “They did have guys and I’m absolutely blessed for those guys. The [Will] Ospreays and Juices [Robinson] and guys like that. They were all under contract, but I was a guy that had been with the company for over eight years and never was.”

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