Lars Sullivan Comments On His Main Roster Debut

Lars Sullivan WWE
Lars Sullivan WWE

Recent weeks have seen numerous video packages highlighting The Freak, Lars Sullivan, as he prepares for his main roster debut.

However, the question lingers: which brand will he end up on?

Sullivan took to Twitter in order to address the rumors, bluntly stating:

“It doesn’t matter which brand I choose to go to. I will wreak havoc, the magnitude of which you have never seen.”

Red Brand vs Blue Brand

The current narrative surrounding The Freak revolves around RAW Commissioner, Stephanie McMahon, and her brother, SmackDown Commissioner, Shane McMahon, both endeavouring to secure Sullivan to their show.

Although it has been speculated he would end up on the blue brand, it’s far from confirmed at this point in time.

It’s reported that Sullivan might be SmackDown bound to avoid the similarities between himself and RAW’s resident bearded giant, Braun Strowman.

Keeping them apart to avoid over saturating their RAW brand makes a move to SmackDown a logical choice. That is unless they wanted to build towards a Lars Sullivan vs Braun Strowman feud.

Is Sullivan vs Strowman a feud you’d love to see? Which brand do you think Sullivan would thrive on? Will he become a main event player?