Latest Backstage News On Dolph Ziggler’s Current Contract

Dolph Ziggler

There were rumors that Dolph Ziggler has signed a new WWE contract worth $1.5 million earlier this year and if they were true then it would have made Ziggler one of the highest paid employees of the company.

However, as we noted before these reports turned out to be false and the former World Champion himself has denied the stories of him signing a new deal with the company multiple times in recent months.

Now a new report from PWinsider has again confirmed the fact that Dolph is yet to sign a new deal and they reveal that his current contract expires sometime this summer.

While the exact date of his contract expiration is not given, the time frame still puts things in an interesting position as Ziggler has recently been aligned with Drew McIntyre in addition to being moved to Raw.

In previous interviews, the Show Off has said that he has limited time to make a decision on his future and implicated that he is also considering other options because of his poor bookings of the past several years.

So if WWE really wants to keep him around it would make sense for them to push the former Champion in near future.

Since the move to Raw offers several possibilities for a fresh start, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we see Dolph Ziggler becoming part of some interesting storylines in upcoming times.