Lawsuit Filings Reveal Why Vince McMahon Fired Ex-XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck

Here's the latest details

Vince McMahon XFL
XFL founder Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon has fired back in a lawful manner at former XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck, who is using the owner of the sporting league. 

In April it was revealed that Luck is suing for money that he was guaranteed upon accepting the position to run the league in May of 2018. His XFL contract was believed to be worth $20-25 million over 5 years. 

On Wednesday, the Sports Business Journal provided some more details on the situation. The firing took place four days before it shut down operations.

McMahon’s legal team noted in the pre-trial filings that the reasons of Luck’s firing were due to the “gross neglect of his job during the COVID-19 pandemic”, “personal use of a league-assisted cellphone”, and the signing of a former NFL receiver with previous legal issues despite McMahon previously telling him that he was against the signing. 

McMahon also claimed in the filings that Luck left the XFL’s Connecticut headquarters for his home in Indiana and “disengaged” from the league’s operations.

The lawsuit also noted, “Put simply, at the very moment when his leadership as CEO was needed most, Luck did not devote substantially all of his business time to the XFL, as required by his contract.”

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