Lex Luger Recalls Incident With Hulk Hogan During His Nitro Debut

Lex Luger recalls an incident that took place between himself and Hulk Hogan during his debut on WCW Monday Nitro.

Lex Luger recently spoke about his wrestling career with The Hannibal TV. During their discussion, Hulk Hogan was brought up. This prompted an anecdote from Luger, who recalled a tense moment between himself and Hogan when he first started in World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

When asked what it was like to meet Hulk, Luger admitted that he hardly knew him and that their first night working together didn’t go too well.

He said that “[…] the first night didn’t go well because, when we got nose-to-nose on Nitro, we went to commercial break, and to come back out of it we would still be nose-to-nose.”

Luger explained that he was informed by the cameramen that they were off the air. When they told him, he did something that Hogan took issue with.

“I broke character a little bit. When you’re nose-to-nose, and there’s a live crowd there, and Hulkster’s all business, about his business, and I had never been around him…so I kind of smirked at him, and I’ll never forget, he looked at me, and he goes ‘Hey brother, take that smile off your face or I’ll knock it off.’ And I tried to walk up to him afterwards, and he kind of blew me off, and I said ‘I’m sorry Mr. Hogan sir, I didn’t mean it,’ and he goes ‘That’s okay man, but don’t ever break character out there, because that’s taking money out of my pocket.'”

The following week on Nitro, Luger tracked down Hogan to apologize once more, adding that from that moment on they got along great.