Linda McMahon Comments on WWE Not Providing Health Insurance For Talents

Vince and Linda McMahon

Linda McMahon, the former WWE CEO and current administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration, has been doing a ton of media work as of late because of her SBA Ignite Tour, where she has been meeting with plenty of small business owners throughout the country.

McMahon recently spoke to The Las Vegas Sun to talk about her time with the WWE and a variety of professional wrestling topics. Linda first discussed she and Vince’s decision to buy what is now known as WWE from his father, and not providing health insurance to its talents:

“Vince and I have always said that we had a great opportunity, but great opportunities can come and go if you don’t take advantage of them and seize them,” McMahon recalled. “Being in this particular industry is something that he always wanted to do from the time he was a little boy. It was in his blood.”

In his youth, Vince was an on-air personality for his father’s Capital Wrestling promotion and increased the company’s revenue with a variety of new ideas. He would eventually purchase the company from his father, however, the deal came with a twist. If Vince missed one of the four payments for the buyout, control would instantly be reverted back to Vince’s father:

“We were able to do it. By taking over the business ongoing and paying as you go with it, we did increase revenues through that time,” McMahon said. “So then we went from the Northeast and moved it across the country, and made it into first a national business and then a global business.”

Today, the WWE is the powerhouse of the professional wrestling industry but has been under heavy criticism for how they accommodate their talents. Due to the fact that the company treats its wrestlers as independent contractors, they do not provide their Superstars health insurance or retirement benefits:

“It’s such a complicated issue to try to give a succinct answer,” Linda said. “WWE went from having no insurance when Vince and I first got started — I remember when I walked into his office when we had 13 or maybe 14 employees, and I said, ‘Guess what? You now have health insurance.’ And he said, ‘Wow.’ I don’t think he realized he didn’t have it before.”

“The cost of health care has grown. We had a very young company, so there were a lot of babies being born, so we had some high expenses,” McMahon said while comparing today to her beginning years with WWE. “Eventually, we went to self-insuring except for catastrophic. We had health savings plans. We tried different ways to make sure that our employees had really great coverage that they weren’t paying too much out of pocket to try to keep those co-pays reasonable within guidelines.”

Linda then chimed in on her displeasure for the country’s current healthcare plan, Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obama Care:

“There are some aspects of it that are good. I absolutely believe children should be able to stay on their parents’ policy, that there should be no pre-conditions that would prevent you from getting health care. So there are many parts of it that I think are really good.”

McMahon then commented on the current replacement plan in place for Obama care which just passed the House:

“I think it has some good points,” she said. “It will now get tweaked by the Senate, and I really do hope it can get pulled together because I think the tax savings that will be realized through the proposal that had been put in the House and the Senate, that does help to push our tax reform down the road.”


  1. Lobothemainman
    Lol that Healthcare bill. It's going to kill more people than the terrorists ever dreamed off. Trump wins again boys.
  2. King of kings
    Yeah the fact she ends it on tax talk shows her concern isn't with anything but helping the rich keep that gap wide between the bottom and top
  3. pwnez
    Quit exaggerating. The bill sucks but "kill more people than the terrorists ever dreamed of" is monumentally stupid. Obamascam was no better.
  4. AmDrag702
    So I'm guessing that you can explain to everyone how having twenty four million people lose their health insurance is better, or even equal to the ACA?
  5. pwnez
    As opposed to how many who didn't have and/or couldn't afford Obamascan but were forced to find a way to pay for it anyways?
  6. Math_Teacher
    The deductable and premiums are so high in this country; it is equivalent to more than twenty-four million already not having health insurance.
  7. AmDrag702
    This is the problem, everybody only looks at the numbers that benefit their argument or only enforce what they already think. Yes, the deductibles and premiums have increased every year since Obamacare began. That being said it's the best healthcare option on the market. Most people get subsidies to help pay for their insurance. The main problem is people just don't like their money going towards helping other people (low income and the elderly) even though that's what most other countries do.
  8. pwnez
    You're doing the same thing. It's great for you and those who can afford Obamscam. F*ck the rest, right? For being the "best" it's pretty horrible.
  9. Scott Kinnard
    If I'm not mistaken, WWE does cover some things. Like I'm sure they footed the bill for Tyson Kidds surgery. AJ Styles is smart, his wife is a teacher and they get good health coverage.
  10. AmDrag702
    First off, you're assuming how much I make. You're wrong by the way. Second, it is the best. Do you know what the deductibles were for people before Obamacare, especially for people with pre existing conditions?
  11. Cujo999
    Part of the issue is people think Obamacare was about everyone getting health insurance. That was just the line that was sold to people during the election. What Obamacare was really about was making sure medical service providers didn't have to lose out on money owed them due to bankruptcies declared by individuals because of unpaid medical bills and making more money for the Big pharmaceutical companies. Big pharm donated over $1.5 million to Obama and Hillary's campaigns in '08. Beyond tax dollars going into Obamacare, most everyone that had insurance before is now paying higher monthly premiums for worse benefits. On top of that, many of the people who didn't have insurance before and are now covered don't want health insurance because they are in lower paying jobs and can't afford the monthly expense of health insurance or the tax penalty of not carrying insurance. The only people benefiting from Obamacare are ones getting coverage for free, and those are mostly the people who are taking advantage of the system to get every nickel they can from government entitlement programs.
  12. Cujo999
    I've been a Type 1 juvenile diabetic since age 7. My prescription copay for insulin has nearly tripled since '08. My copays to see an endocrinologist have tripled since '08. My out of pocket deductible has doubled since '08. My copays to see a general practitioner have increased 50%. This is another big issue I have. You have a bunch of liberals who have never had their own insurance before and have no idea what things cost parroting some line of bs they heard on the internet to try and defend a broken system that works against 93% of Americans.
  13. GOD'S Diamond
    I remember RVD said he'd rather have the $ than the healthcare benefits so he was cool with the set up.
  14. AmDrag702
    And this is what I'm talking about, using partial statistics to try and prove your point. First, are you not getting subsidies? Second, yeah your copays increased. They're always increasing. Saying how much they've increased since 2008 clearly shows your intent. The only thing that happened in 2008 was Obama being elected. The affordable care act didn't go into effect until his second term. Third, and here's where you are using the stats that work in your favor and not the full truth, copays and premiums have increased at a slower rate than they had the decade prior and would have almost certainly been larger if Obamacare had not been implemented.
  15. AmDrag702
    Another thing, you talk about parroting lines then say something like Obamacare works against 93% of Americans like that's not a Sean Hannity line. Also, I'm not a democrat and I've had health insurance my entire adult life.
  16. Paul Kersey
    Google "net neutrality" and "Trump" and tell me what you see. Trump and his cronies want to end it, and that's bad for all of us.
  17. Cujo999
    I don't watch Hannity. However, if you divide the 24 million people who got insurance through Obamacare by the U.S. population, it's pretty easy to see the math. I don't need talking heads to do my thinking for me. I'm not a Republican, either. Having health insurance you're entire adult life could be 6 months or 60 years. It doesn't really say anything.
  18. Cujo999
    No, I don't get subsidies. Fyi, Obamacare was signed into law on March, 23, 2010, which was midway through Obama's first term. All of it's parts didn't go completely into effect until 2014, but you're either misinformed or trying to speak in partial truths, here. Really? My copays on my endocrinologist visits on my dad's insurance were $20 in the mid 90's. My copays on my insurance when I started at my current company in the mid 2000's were $20. In '08, they went to $25. In '14, it went to $30 for general practitioners and $60 for specialists.
  19. AmDrag702
    All I was sayin is I'm not ignorant on the issue like you assumed. And you say you don't need talking heads doing your thinking but then through math do thinking for the entire country? Come on man, thinking ninety three percent of America can agree on anything, let alone something as complicated as healthcare is pretty absurd.
  20. AmDrag702
    Depending on how much you make you could be entitled to subsidies, just so you know. But they should've been automatically applied so maybe not. I don't know. Anyways, that's your situation. Sorry your rates increase some but the numbers in your situation don't match the data of the average American. Just out of curiosity, what would be your solution? What would you like to see happen to healthcare?
  21. Bill Mitchell
    I will do something that I really rarely do, and that is I will recant most of what I've ever said about the WWE and their "insurance policy". Assuming that what Linda says is factual, and I am willing to take her at face value, I am glad to see that even though WWE doesn't offer "insurance" per say, that they do have a contingency plan that closely tries to do what insurance provides. She's right, the cost of providing healthcare is insane, so if the company is willing to fork over a portion of their annual profits towards things like personal savings plans (that are not tied directly to their stock, because that's a disaster waiting to happen), then I am all for it. I still for the record don't appreciate the whole "independent contractor" aspect as WWE chooses to define the term, but if the people who are willing to put their bodies and lives on the line for the enjoyment of others is adequately protected then I am on board.