Lio Rush Removes Mention Of WWE From Social Media Accounts

Lio Rush
Lio Rush

Lio Rush got fans speculating on social media as he has removed all mention of WWE from his bios on both Twitter and Instagram.

He instead has his booking email address for all business opportunities. On Instagram, a link to his Cameo account, which is where Rush sells personalized video shout-outs to fans for just $20.

The Monday Night RAW star has been off WWE television for several weeks now. He’s also not working the current European tour with the rest of the crew. has reported in the past that there had been some talk within WWE about him being sent to the NXT brand in the near future.

There have been several reported issues involving Rush that has apparently led to him getting backstage heat and being removed from television.

Rush’s issues have been going on for some time now that dates back to the most recent European tour back in November 2018. This is where ignored the standard backstage etiquette for the junior member of the roster on overseas tours.

With Rush removing all mention of WWE from his social media accounts, it’s going to be interesting to see if the company will release him or he’s trying to get out of his contract.