Lisa Marie Varon On Why She Has Decided To Retire From Pro Wrestling

Varon reveals the reason behind her decision

Former WWE performer Victoria (Photo credit:

Lisa Marie Varon, better known as Victoria to WWE fans, recently spoke to Kevin Kellam of Varon has announced that she will be retiring from the world of pro-wrestling at the end of 2019. During the interview the former WWE Women’s Champion spoke about her plans to retire and why she is choosing to hang her boots, among other topics.

Lisa made her debut in WWE in 2001 and left the company in 2009. Since then she has worked for a number of wrestling companies. Talking about the decision of retirement, the former Women’s Champion recalled how one day she was very quiet when her boyfriend picked her up from airport and she broke down when he asked about it:

“I said ‘Man, I can’t do this anymore’ and he says ‘really?’ and then I started crying. I can’t turn my neck, I couldn’t sleep on the plane, I couldn’t get comfortable, my leg was tingling, and I’m 48 and I’m wrestling girls in their 20s.” Lisa further stated that at 48-years of age, it was time she started listening to her body and this is why she decided to prepare for a retirement tour.

Also known as Tara during her time in Impact Wrestling, the former Champion also spoke about a variety of other topics later in the interview. The 48-year-old spoke keenly about her upcoming match against ODB and also talked about who her favorite female wrestlers of today’s generation are. Check out the full interview of this wrestling veteran here.

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