Lisa Marie Varon On WWE’s Women’s Division, Pressure On Female Performers

Former WWE & TNA star Lisa Marie Varon recently spoke with the UK’s Total Wrestling Magazine.

Varon spoke about there being extra pressure on female wrestlers. Even with a stronger emphasis on the in-ring product, appearances are a big part of being successful. She said “Even something as simple as a haircut needs careful consideration because if you are on TV every week you can’t get something too drastic and as for a girl, well God forbid you age! We can’t get wrinkles we can’t put on weight so there is so much pressure. ”

When she was on the road and competing regularly, her body could take a beating and it didn’t affect her that much. After some time away from the ring, she feels aches and pains from wrestling 15-years straight.

Here’s what she said about the influx of talent in WWE’s Women’s division:

“You know I’m very lucky I’ve wrestled some of the greatest and I’m still wrestling now so yeah who knows who I may hook up with next. If you look at the match that Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks had at WrestleMania I think people are taking the women more seriously now. A lot of people said it was their match of the night. Hopefully the days of bra and panties matches are a thing of the past and we can concentrate on the wrestling.

I love Charlotte she would be so much fun to wrestle and I am a huge Sasha Banks fan. She’s got it, the reaction she gets from the crowd is amazing and she is going to go far in this business. I’d have to say though Paige is a given for me. I’d love to wrestle her. I’m friends with her mom but I think there are a lot of little subtle similarities between us and I’m sure we would have a great match.”

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