Rusev On Not Winning PPV Match In 2 Years, Low Attendance For SmackDown

Rusev Lana

While WWE has managed to build a megastar in Becky Lynch in the past few months, their overall programming is still far from being perfect and this is why the company is still struggling to draw live audience to their shows.

The same was the case with the latest episode of SmackDown Live and below is a photo showcasing the low attendance of the show during the segment featuring Becky Lynch:

Becky Lynch is currently scheduled to face Ronda Rousey for her Raw Women’s Championship at the upcoming WrestleMania event and as we noted before, this match is very likely to close the show.

Rusev On Not Winning A PPV Match In 2 Years

While Rusev has become highly popular with fans in recent times, WWE still doesn’t see him as a star and the fact that he hasn’t won a single PPV match in the last 2 years proves the same. The former United States Champion recently commented on this and while responding to a tweet, he said that he was told that it’s not about wins and losses:

Rusev lost the US title to Shinsuke Nakamura during Royal Rumble and he failed to capture the title again during his match with R Truth on this week’s SmackDown.

While not confirmed, it looks like we are heading towards a three-way feud among these stars culminating in a triple threat match somewhere down the line.