Luke Harper Requests WWE Release

Former Intercontinental and tag team champion Luke Harper has asked WWE for his release after revealing the news on Tuesday

Luke Harper

Luke Harper wants out of WWE.

On Tuesday, the former Intercontinental and multi-time tag team champion revealed on Twitter than he has requested his release from WWE after spending the past six years with the promotion.

Harper (real name Jonathan Huber) had just recently returned to WWE television after suffering a wrist injury that put him out of action for a period of time. He appared at WrestleMania 35 as one of the participants in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal but now nine days later he’s asking to leave WWE.

“As of this evening, I have requested a release from WWE,” Harper wrote on Twitter. “The past six years have been a simple amazing journey around the world and back with lifelong friends and family. I am proud of it all and proud to say I shared the ring with my co-workers.

“This decision, as difficult as it was, feels right for myself and WWE. My goal in the future is to continue to grow as a performer and person and continue to make my family proud. Thank you. From the top to the bottom of WWE. Thank you to the fans for your undying support. Thank you everyone.”

Harper came to the WWE after working the independent wrestling scene starting in 2003 before finally signing with the promotion under a developmental contract in 2012.

Harper was almost immediately put into a group dynamic alongside Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan as the Wyatt Family in NXT before they eventually made the move up to the main roster.

Harper primarily worked in tag team matches with Rowan and they were later rebranded as ‘The Bludgeon Brothers’ where they went onto win the Smackdown tag team titles.

After Rowan suffered an injury that put him out of action, Harper was also sidelined by his wrist injury. In late March, Harper revealed that he had been cleared to return to the ring but he still hadn’t been inserted into any storylines on television until he made his surprise appearance at WrestleMania 35 where he was eliminated by Braun Strowman during the battle royal.

Now Harper is looking to take his career elsewhere after requesting his release from WWE. As of now the promotion hasn’t made any statement regarding Harper’s future including if they will grant his release from WWE.