MAILBAG: Did Andre The Giant Deserve A Run As Champion?

SEScoops Mailbag for August 10th

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Q: Who actually wrestled as the wrestler Who for the WWF in 1996?

A: That is correct, Who did wrestle as Who in ’96. Oh, you mean who *played* the role of Who? That would be Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Personally, I think the gimmick had potential as a trio with partners What and Where. I mean, if you insist on having a ridiculous gimmick, just go all the way with it.

Q: I really like the new NXT belt. Where does it stand in the hierarchy of the grand slam, triple crown champion system? I would like to think that it’s on the tertiary singles title level of the European/Hardcore titles. I’d also think that WWE would add the US title to the secondary level with the Intercontinental title. – Noach Lipsky, Jerusalem, Israel

A: All secondary titles mean so little in WWE these days, I don’t think any of this even matters. Personally, I’ve always viewed the US Title as being on the same secondary level with the Intercontinental title. As for the NXT title, you’re talking about a TV show that doesn’t currently air in the United States. As such, I don’t think most people will put the NXT title in the same camp as the other major titles. It’s a nice thing for the show, but will mean little if, one day, Seth Rollins wins the World Heavyweight Title. I doubt his time as NXT champion would even be referenced.

Q: What did you think of the tag team of Heidenreich and Road Warrior Animal from a few years ago on Smackdown? – Kyle G.

A: I thought it sucked. Animal teaming with anyone but Hawk is sacrilege.

Q: Do you think it was a bad business move for WWE to let Jeff Hardy go or was it a good thing? – Stacey B.

A: WWE didn’t really “let” Jeff Hardy go. They fought tooth and nail to keep him as he was one of their most popular and profitable attractions. It was Jeff’s decision to take a break from the WWE schedule and I have no doubt he would have been back at some point were it not for WWE having CM Punk make fun of him on air about those drug charges. That is when he decided to make the jump to TNA. I can understand his frustration having put his body through hell for the company and putting CM Punk over on his way out, even signing an extension after his contract expired to wrestle for another two months, only for them to kick him at his lowest point. If anything, *that* was where WWE made a bad business decision because he would have likely been back on the roster by now.