MAILBAG: Do You Think TNA Could Sell Out Madison Square Garden?

SEScoops Mailbag for May 24th

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Q: Do you think bringing War Games into WWE could [restore] Survivor Series to its once prestigious state? – Kenny B.

A: Absolutely and it’s an idea I first pitched on the Sound Off years ago. It even fits perfectly with the whole theme of survival. Apparently, Triple H is a big supporter of the idea, but Vince McMahon has shot it down every time it has been brought up. If you’re a War Games fan, they are releasing a DVD devoted to those matches later this month.

Q: Do you believe an American promotion (besides ROH) would benefit from a partnership with a major Japanese promotion such as New Japan Pro Wrestling or NOAH? – Casey C.

A: While I think WWE has conditioned its audience to not take any Japanese talent seriously, I’d love to see them work something out with New Japan. If for no other reason than, selfishly, I would love to see a Daniel Bryan vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi match.

Q: Do you think TNA can have a PPV or Impact show inside a sold out Madison Square Garden? – Letago M.

A: I’m pretty sure WWE has a deal with MSG that would prevent another pro wrestling group from running there, so no. Even if they don’t, the answer is still no.

Q: I was just wondering why WWE feels like they have to have John Cena come out every week and recap everything that happened the week before? To me, it doesn’t really make his matches or rivalries anymore exciting. In fact, it kills any interest I have in them. – Gabe S.

A: I agree, it’s infuriating and I wish they would stop having him do that. He’s not a narrator, he’s an active wrestler. He should act like it.

Q: I have a question about Evan Bourne. When is he going to make his comeback to WWE? – Luis A.

A: Bourne is cleared and ready to return whenever WWE has something for him. Ditto with Christian.

Q: I can’t help but marvel at how amazing Daniel Bryan is in the ring. He has an intensity in the ring that’s damn near unrivaled with the ability to have great matches with pretty much anyone. However, one thing that I’m surprised about is that WWE still allows him to use the diving headbutt. With all the emphasis on safety and impact testing, you’d think the diving headbutt would go the same way as the piledriver. Given everything that we know today about long term affects of concussions, should WWE ban Bryan from using this move? – Matt I.

A: I see your point about Bryan using his head as a weapon, but to ban the move? Where do you draw the line? I’d argue his tope dive through the ropes is far more dangerous. Taking a German suplex where you land on the back of your head and get folded up like an accordion… isn’t that worse? They’re certainly not going to ban that, nor should they. Every move or slam carries an inherent risk of injury. I trust that someone of Bryan’s experience level knows what he’s doing and does what he can to limit the risk of injury to himself and his opponent.

Q: Why did Roddy Piper and Mr. T have legit heat and do they still have a beef with each other? – Ravonn A.

A: Because Mr. T acted like a total diva when he worked with WWE and nearly walked out of the first WrestleMania at MSG. Pretty sure Piper still hates his guts.

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