MAILBAG: Is Rock vs. Cena The Biggest Match In History?

SEScoops Mailbag for March 15th

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Q: Has any special guest referee ever called a pinfall for themselves? HBK said he knew who would win [in the Triple H vs. Undertaker HIAC match], therefore everyone will speculate [on who the] superstar is he will screw. But I was thinking maybe after HHH delivers a Tombstone to Undertaker, Michaels would swoop in and give a thunderous Sweet Chin Music and pin either or both of them, making himself [the winner and] thus ending the streak. What do you think? Is this even possible? – Shin K.

A: Not only has it happened before, but it was in a match that also involved The Undertaker! The dead man fought his brother Kane for the then-vacant WWF Title at the Judgment Day 1998 pay-per-view with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin serving as the guest referee. Undertaker knocked out Kane with a chairshot and when Austin refused to count the fall, Taker complained and ate a Stunner for his troubles. Austin then counted both men’s shoulders to the mat and declared himself the winner, even though the match was called a no contest.

Q: What do you think John Cena will do after WrestleMania? Who do u think he will feud with and when do u think he will get back into the title picture? – mGt

A: House show plans tentatively have Cena and Mark Henry working together, though that may not be until several weeks after Mania. If not, I could see them putting Cena and Miz back together, though I would strongly prefer they not do that. As for when Cena gets back in the title hunt, probably not for several months.

Q: Daniel Bryan and Sheamus had a feud last year for the US championship and were supposed to have a match at WrestleMania 27, but it was bumped from the card because of time restraints. Did WWE even mention this in their promos or anywhere, or do they just think the fans will forget everything like always? – Dave

A: I don’t recall it being mentioned on Raw or Smackdown, but maybe I missed it. I would mention it just to illustrate how far these guys have come in a year, but I wouldn’t belabor the point because, realistically, how many casual fans even realize those two guys got bumped off the card and had a dark match last year?

Q: Do you think WWE’s future in, say, the next 5-10 years is in dire trouble due to them lacking star power already, and not pushing younger talents as often as they should? – Victor

A: The same thing was said about 5-10 years ago about WWE and they’re no closer to going out of business now than they were back then. If anything, they’re stronger because they have so many additional sources of revenue that can sustain them when business is down. That said, it’s not a pretty picture even now. They haven’t created enough new stars to rival the ones that are retiring and it’s going to get worse with them having only one developmental system in Florida. They have a talented core of talent down there right now with Rollins, Ambrose, Ohno and Cesaro, but it’s not enough.