MAILBAG: Should The Undertaker Ever Lose At WrestleMania?

SEScoops Mailbag for April 13th

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Q: Do you think that WWE will hire ROH star Davey Richards in the future? – Evan

A: No, I don’t. He doesn’t have the size or charisma they typically look for in a talent.

Q: What was Rhyno doing at WWE’s Hall of Fame [ceremony]? He was sitting next to Edge’s mother. Might this be an indication that he will be back with WWE? – Roberto Rivelino from Portugal

A: Rhyno is very good friends with both Edge and Christian and was in attendance to see his friend inducted. Edge even shared a funny road story from their early days involving Rhyno during his speech. I wouldn’t read into anything beyond that.

Q: Why won’t WWE recognize Andy Kaufman and add him to the Hall of Fame? He became the most hated person at one point was he was a comedian with the stuff he did in the squared circle. – Coty K.

A: WWE likes to induct celebrities into its Hall of Fame to garner publicity. While they may get some press for inducting Kaufman, and I do think he is deserving, he’s been deceased now for almost 30 years and became famous not in WWE, but in Memphis for his antics with Jerry Lawler. Both of those things work against him. Funny story is that Kaufman originally reached out to Vince McMahon Sr. about doing something with his company, but McMahon wanted nothing to do with him and he ended up in Memphis. The rest is history.