MAILBAG: What Can WWE Do To Get The Fans To Stop Booing John Cena?

SEScoops Mailbag for May 24th

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Q: If Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero were still alive, where do you see them in today’s WWE or TNA? How do you think their presence would affect [either promotion] as a whole? – Marcel

A: I don’t think Eddie’s body could have held up as a wrestler, even with a part-time schedule. I see both guys in backstage roles, or perhaps taking on an active role down in NXT. Their presence in WWE (no way would they have ended up in TNA) would have been enormously beneficial for the newer talent. Who better to learn from than two guys who wrestled all over the world, became World champions and had the respect of their peers?

Q: I don’t think this Trevor Murdoch gets enough praise in the wrestling industry. He was a man with [lots of] potential. What happened? – Omar

A: Not sure what led to his departure other than WWE just lost interest in him. I liked him in that he looked totally different than just about everyone else on the roster. He didn’t fit the typical WWE mold. I liked that about him. He wasn’t a bad singer, either.

Q: As we know, John Cena is facing Mark Henry for the WWE title at Money in the Bank. WWE has not had a fully black wrestler win the WWE championship, unless you count The Rock who is half black and half Samoan. Why hasn’t a black wrestler [held the WWE Title]? R-Truth came close at Capitol Punishment, but that match was a joke. – Reggie

A: I’d imagine if they find a black superstar they think can make them lots of money, then he will be champion. R-Truth was not that guy. Perhaps Ahmed Johnson could have eventually been that guy had he not been so injury-prone and reckless in the ring. Had he not quit the company, I’m convinced that Bobby Lashley would have been WWE champion, likely multiple times over.

Q: If there are all faces in the WWE Title MITB match and all heels in the World Heavyweight MITB match, do you think the ultimate outcome will be a unification match between the two champions since one will be face & the other heel? Or am I just overthinking it and hoping this will happen? – Kirk, Ft. Worth Texas

A: Whoever wins those briefcases isn’t guaranteed to win the title. You’re reading WAY too much into things. There is no plan to unify the titles at this time.

Q: Now that Christian is back, his theme song is my favorite once again. What is your favorite current theme song? – Nisim Levi

A: CM Punk, Cult of Personality.

Q: I’m curious as to what you think WWE can do with the John Cena character so that fans will stop booing him every week. They can’t turn him heel since there are no replacements good enough to take the spot as top babyface. So what can they do? – Ben Burnside, Fresno, CA

A: Take him off television. That’s the only way you’ll ever get those people to stop booing him. It’s been eight years since he won his first WWE Title. If they haven’t stopped now, they won’t ever stop. It’s become their shtick, like the “What?” chant. They do it because it’s a “thing” for them to do. If they play their cards right, Daniel Bryan could be that next top babyface, but he’s not there yet.

Q: Why is TNA making ODB, a wrestler, be a freaking referee? Is TNA out of refs? Are they out of money to go after former WWE referees like Earl Hebner. I think a dirty woman who squeezes her boobs is the wrong person to officiate a Knockouts wrestling match. – Fablanco4

A: Nonsense. I think a dirty woman who squeezes her boobs is precisely the right person to officiate Knockouts matches. Hell of a lot better to look at than Earl Hebner!