MAILBAG: What Happens To WWE When Vince Is Gone?

SEScoops Mailbag for May 18th

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Q: Why does Triple H never use his “King of Kings” entrance theme? Would it be a good idea to transition to it for his role as an authority figure, yet remain with “The Game” when he competes in matches? – Dustin C.

A: That’s not a bad idea. Actually, I think they should play that theme whenever he walks into Titan Tower.

Q: What do you think is the greatest match we’ve never seen? I think Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock, Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle, Randy Savage vs. CM Punk, and Mr. Perfect vs. Daniel Bryan are some of them. – Steve from NY

A: There are far too many to name. I had always been partial to a tag match pitting Bret and Owen Hart against Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, but any of your suggestions would have been excellent.

Q: Was anyone else pissed that Brock [Lesnar] completely disrespected the pro wrestling industry at Extreme Rules? We bought the PPV so that we can see him wrestle and put on a decent match and he actually delivered a full blown MMA match. If I wanted to see MMA, I would [watch] UFC, not WWE. Although he shocked us and the match was interesting, the only wrestling move he tried to do he botched, so my question is…is Brock overrated [to the point they’re] willing to change the product they present to us? – Stavros A.

A: This is pro wrestling. Moreover, it’s the heavily scripted WWE of 2012. Do you really think Lesnar went out there, in his MMA gear no less, and without anybody suspecting anything, “shot” all over John Cena? Come on, you’re smarter than that. The match was designed that way and I thought they did an excellent job with it. It was so different than anything else the company has ever done and came at a time when many fans are craving something different. Lesnar’s perceived disrespect of wrestling is a work of fiction, and he obviously has done his job well.

Q: With his [TNA] contract up at the end of the year, do you think next year we will see the match everyone has wanted to see since the end of WCW with Sting vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania? – Brian from Ohio

A: I believe Sting will retire in TNA. I do think he will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame once his affiliation with TNA comes to an end, and will likely get a nice DVD out of it too, but last year was there chance to pull the trigger on a match with Undertaker and they didn’t do it.

Q: I just saw Big Show get fired and I was wondering, why didn’t he just knock Johnny Ace out before he got fired? Remember in 2009 when Vince [McMahon] wanted to fire Randy Orton his comments about Stephanie? Randy slapped and punted poor old Vince and saved his job. Why didn’t Big Show do the same? – Trust S.

A: Storyline continuity has never been WWE’s strong suit. The McMahon/Orton angle really made no sense if you think about it because Vince had already decided to fire Orton and was about to announce it when Randy decided to pummel him. Yet, he never actually left. You’re right, Big Show should have maintained his dignity and knocked out Laurinaitis with a punch. If he returns and goes heel on Sunday, it still makes no sense unless he does so against his will as a way to get his job back, and even then, it’s still a flawed storyline. But I will give the big guy credit, he’s got some acting chops on him.

Q: Vince McMahon mentioned in an interview once that when he finally passes on, WWE would not be left with just one person in charge, but that various people would assume the different roles that Vince himself assumes today. Will that create problems for the future similar to those that WCW suffered? I’ve heard that the bureaucratic nature and lack of a singular leadership within WCW (and to an extent, Time-Warner after the merger) made it difficult, if not impossible, to get anything done because there were so many different people in charge, and that was a factor that helped kill WCW. Would the void left by Vince’s departure create a similar problem for WWE? – Rob

A: Anytime you go from having a central figure of authority to a committee of sorts, you’re going to run into problems. Too many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak. WCW went through a laundry list of top executives throughout its existence, whereas WWE has been pretty stable with one guy leading the way, that being Vince McMahon. No matter how much influence his daughter or son-in-law may try to wield, the buck still stops with him. Once he’s gone, if you’re left with 5 or 6 different people taking over some of his many responsibilities, it’s going to be a mess because Vince has his hand in everything the company does. If Triple H and Stephanie assert themselves early on and make it clear that all decisions ultimately go through them, that will certainly help. Even with his questionable creative decisions, I do worry about what might happen to the company once he’s gone. But the fact is, they still make enough money to where even if there were problems, as long as they stay on TV, it would be years and years before they would ever be in jeopardy of meeting a fate similar to WCW.

Q: Will WWE ever end this PG era? It’s really boring and annoying. – Mutaher from Pakistan

A: So are these questions about PG. But to answer it anyway, it’s going to be a PG product for many more years to come, so live with it.

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