MAILBAG: Who Are The Best And Worst Babyfaces In WWE History?

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Q: I want your opinion on WWE doing these crappy short matches on Smackdown. With the Barrett vs. Regal match [in the UK], I was hoping [it would go] at least ten minutes or more. As for the main event, that should have gone longer then it did. I know Undertaker is old and broken down, but I have seen Jon Moxley on the indies in 20-plus minute matches. – Steve from New Jersey

A: Completely agree that WWE dropped the ball on that Barrett vs. Regal match. Especially with Smackdown typically being a more wrestling-heavy show, there was no reason they could not have given those two 10-12 minutes to work together. As for Undertaker, while I do agree his match with Ambrose was quite short, there’s no way Taker should be wrestling 20 minute matches on Smackdown. Save those for PPV.

Q: Who do you think was the worst babyface in WWE and the greatest babyface in WWE? I am not talking about finance wise, I am talking about entertainment wise. – Danish Tanweer

A: Hulk Hogan managed to be both one of the best and worst babyfaces of all time. The fact that half of his promos made absolutely no sense made them very entertaining, and there’s no arguing the length of time he spent on top, yet he would eye gouge and back rake his opponents in every match! Need further proof of what a horrible babyface this guy was? He intentionally drove a wedge between his “best friend” and his wife, he once beat up a hapless mortician, stole his urn and threw ashes in someone’s face, then threw a hissy fit when Sid Justice dumped him out of the Royal Rumble, a match advertised as being every man for himself. And what does this “Real American” role model do in response? He assists the heel in pulling Justice out of the ring! Hogan never really turned heel in 1996, he just changed his wardrobe.

Q: What happened to Christian? Will he be back anytime soon? – Andrew

A: According to WWE physician Michael Sampson, whom I had a chance to speak with at Fan Axxess over WrestleMania weekend, Christian is ready to return. It’s really up to WWE creative at this point when they have a role for him.

Q: Do you think a John Cena heel turn would have the same impact that Hogan’s did when he went from red and yellow to Hollywood Hogan? – Dennis from Tennessee

A: No I don’t. One of the key elements of the Hogan turn that worked to his advantage was the association with Hall and Nash as “outsiders” from the WWF. Hogan had a powerful supporting cast. What would Cena have? Not saying it wouldn’t be refreshing to see he and, say, CM Punk switch sides, but I don’t see it having the same impact the Hogan turn and nWo angle had.

Q: I was wondering if you knew what happened between WWE and Bobby Lashley? When he was released, it surprised me since before that he was in the WWE Championship picture having matches with John Cena. Just wondering if you knew why he got released and if you think there is a chance he could return? – Cameron from Chandler, AZ

A: I don’t believe he was released so much as he wanted out of the company and they acquiesced. You don’t just release a guy who, less than a year earlier, is slotted into one of the biggest attractions in WrestleMania history. Reportedly, it stemmed from things that happened or were said involving his girlfriend Kristal Marshall and head writer Michael Hayes. And yes, there is always a chance he can return. He has not closed that door.

Q: What were your thoughts of Heidenreich? Do you think he had potential? – Zack Holker

A: Yes, he had great potential. As a poet. Maybe a prison inmate. As a wrestler, not so much.

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