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MAILBAG: Did Triple H Help or Hurt Curtis Axel On Monday Night?

One reader is furious with the way The Game treated Axel on Raw -- plus, could WWE find it's next big Latin star in TNA, partnering Nexus and The Shield, and a fantastic visual depiction of The Plane Ride From Hell in 2002

MAILBAG: Who Are The Best And Worst Babyfaces In WWE History?

Why the biggest babyface in WWE may have also been the biggest villain -- plus, where is Christian, why did Bobby Lashley leave WWE and could a John Cena heel turn have the same impact that Hogan's did in WCW?

MAILBAG: What Should Headline WrestleMania 30?

If Steve Austin agreed to come back and wrestle CM Punk at WM XXX, and WWE also booked John Cena against The Undertaker, which match should headline the show?

MAILBAG: Are You For Or Against The Rock Being WWE Champion?

One reader finds it ridiculous the title is on a part-time performer -- plus, Triple H's "Reign of Terror", bad WrestleMania weather and is the WWE product as bad today as it was in 1995?

MAILBAG: God’s Plan For Bearer Death, Colter Managing Brodus, Booing Cena and More

One reader feels Paul Bearer's death gives Taker vs. Punk a purpose, almost like God planned it that way -- do you agree?

MAILBAG: Will Dolph Ziggler Cash In At WrestleMania?

What are the odds we see Dolph Ziggler cash in his briefcase at MetLife Stadium? -- plus, could the 2001 Invasion have lasted longer, has TNA killed Mr. Anderson and would Lex Luger have eventually become WWF champion?