Mandy Rose Talks About Her Gimmick, Inter-Gender Matches

“The God’s Greatest Creation” Mandy Rose has shown herself to be one of those stars that not only have the look of a star but are also able to carry their character well.

During a recent interview with the New York Post, Mandy talked about her bombshell gimmick and said that she thinks she is the best person to play the character in WWE.

“I feel like it works with me and I feel like we’re very careful and I don’t want to push that envelope [too far]. Obviously, we’ve [the women] come a long way. What we do is entertainment and, you know, I’m really enjoying our story. And I think that it gives me a lot of different opportunities and showcases my character. So, it’s been a lot of fun.”

She also talked about Corey Graves complimenting her on her every other move and how much his comments add to the character.

“He says a lot of valid, true points that I’m sure a lot of guys are saying when they see me on TV,” Rose said. “It’s only normal. I’m not really fazed by it. I think it’s great that he’s always complimented me and talking about how good I look. … He knows what he’s doing, so I’m flattered just like, you know, any other woman would be when a man talks like that about a woman.”

Mandy also revealed that she is all for the idea of inter-gender matches in WWE. She believes that it is great entertainment and there is no reason to not do it.

“I think it’s a great time for it,” Mandy said of inter-gender matches. “Women are breaking down those barriers and they’re becoming, you know, they’re main-eventing and it’s just been an amazing time for women in general in sports. I feel like, yeah, why not do inter-gender matches? It brings entertainment. It brings a lot of different viewers and demographics and all that, so why not do it?”