Mark Henry Believes The Undertaker And Goldberg Deserve Fans’ Respect

"The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry has some strong words for those who decided to make fun and mock The Undertaker and Goldberg following Super ShowDown.

Goldberg vs. The Undertaker
Goldberg vs. The Undertaker

The matchup between The Undertaker and Goldberg from last Friday’s Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia continues to elicit debate amongst fans and industry professionals.

Many have expressed concern over the Superstars ability to perform in-ring, worried about their health and risk of injury since the fallout of their bout. Others decided to take the opportunity to mock the wrestling legends.

WWE Hall Of Famer, Mark Henry, has taken issue with those using their “Twitter fingers” in an attempt to put down ‘Taker and Goldberg.

“You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself”

Speaking on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, Henry stated that both wrestlers “deserve better” than to be taunted via social media and that they deserve the fan’s respect.

“Goldberg deserves the respect that he’s earned. The guy went in and busted his face open. He finished that match.” he said. “How about saying ‘thank you for not tapping out?’”

He continued, “He could have easily said ‘Hey man, I can’t see, I rung my bell.’ And they went into a series of Choke Slams and one, two, three, and it’s over. Could have done that. Didn’t do it. They went through it for you.”

“The twitter fingers, the people that probably can’t run a mile in under a day. The people that can’t lift their own body weight, do one pull up. People that don’t have any belief in nothing beyond their own nose,” he said. “Those are the people that came on social media and berated the Undertaker and Goldberg, when it was a travesty to the wrestling business because they deserved better than that. They deserved better than that. And anybody that sent a tweet like that, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Henry then lambasted those who have chosen to make fun of the two Superstars. He stated that people should “look at you differently” because of their decision to post blatant negativity on social media.

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