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Mark Henry on Conor McGregor: “There’s 50 guys in that WWE Locker Room That Will Hand Him His Ass”

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry recently commented on Conor McGregor and his return to the UFC this weekend. McGregor defeated David Cerrone in stunning fashion in the first 40 seconds of the first round.

During the most recent episode of Busted Open Radio, Henry was discussing the idea of face and heels in modern wrestling. Henry used the comparison to MMA, saying that McGregor likes to ‘play the heel’ when promoting his fights. When Henry’s co-host Jonathan Hood brought up McGregor’s more reserved approach to this weekend’s fight the ‘World’s Strongest Man’ had some explosive comments about the former two division UFC Champion.

Conor McGregor – On Quality Control?

“Conor McGregor is on quality control” Henry began. “He’s got people around him going ‘Hey, don’t go out there and be and make a spectacle of yourself.’ Don’t bring that Conor McGregor machismo to the stage because you will be judged.” McGregor has recently had issues with the law, following alleged sexual assault and alleged assault at a bar in Dublin, Ireland in April 2019.

Henry then made an interesting comparison between McGregor and WWE Superstars The Usos. Jimmy Uso has had issues with drink driving over the past couple of years, and Henry appeared to be comparing the ‘re-branding’ of the tag team on television to McGregor’s. “Conor McGregor is just like The Usos right now. They’ve had trouble. They’ve done things that they’re not proud of. Speaking for themselves. I don’t know if Conor gives a damn, I think that he’s more worried about his business failing; and people getting off the Conor McGregor bandwagon.”

“The brand is suffering”

Henry elaborated further, saying that “the optics say Conor McGregor is in quality control. he’s like ‘we got to fix this.’ The brand is suffering. The price on [McGregor’s Proper No 12 brand] the liquor is down. The UFC realises that, ‘well let’s get something out of him before it’s completely gone.’ That’s what’s going on guys, and I want to see how this is going to play out. Because of the business implications, not because I care about what goes on with Conor McGregor.”

Henry then went into the comments that McGregor made back in 2016, where he took to Twitter to write “I didn’t mean no disrespect to the @wwe fans. What I meant to say was that I’d slap the head off your entire roster. And twice on Sunday’s.”

“He’s not been a wrestling fan,” Henry said. “He said things that was completely out of line, specially as it relates to him coming into the locker room and slapping everybody because, I’m gonna tell you what. At that time, I was actually in the locker room. I welcome any 140 pounds or less guy on the planet to come and slap my face. I will tear your skin off. AND I will hang your skin in my closet. There’s 50 guys in that WWE locker room that will hand him his ass. Just so y’all know. So don’t think for one second that a 140 pound dude is going to go in there and survive against Braun Strowman. I would say that that Chad Gable would rake him over the coals. Chad Gable will have him screaming for his mommy.”

You can check out the latest episode of Busted Open Radio here


  1. I trained in MMA and I can tell you from experience, when two guys are equal, the guy with the “I’m going through this guy” mind-set will win the fight.

  2. Did you train longer than a weekend?….your undocumented experience proves nothing. I’ve watched plenty of mma fights where fighters went in with that mindset and got their back sides handed to them. Eddie Alvarez, Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo all went into their fight with McGregor with that mindset and look what he did to them….Michael Page went into his fight with Douglas Lima saying he was going to go through him and got his stuff pushed in.

  3. McGregor would walk in the building and instantly be a bigger draw than those 50 guys in the back…I used to like Mark Henry but the more he talks the dumber he sounds. I find it funny how mma fighters and boxers walk into the wrestling world with no experience and make it look easy

  4. He probably would be a better draw. Love him or hate him, he’s better on the mic than anybody in pro wrestling today. Most of the boxers and mma fighters that cross over get extensive training and their early matches are heavily structured, like Rousey’s WM tag match. There’s been plenty of mma fighters who have crossed over to wrestling and succeeded, just like there’s lots of wrestlers who successfully crossed over into mma. There’s fewer wrestlers trying to jump to mma simply because the pay generally isn’t as good.

  5. So you’re saying Mayweather and Fury got “extensive” training before their minor crossover? The difference with people like Ronda, Bazsler and Riddle is that they legit have a passion for wrestling.
    Other than Lesnar, which wrestler crossed over to mma and had real success? Only one that comes to mind is Ken Shamrock. Batista had one fight and struggled against some overweight blob who’s currently 22-25. Lashley never faced any real contenders. Wrestlers aren’t jumping into mma is because it’s not scripted like wrestling is and you have to know how to throw a real punch.

  6. Sandbox, No, it was a little more than a weekend and I have nothing to prove, especially to persons unknown to me. This will be a lesson for you. One may present/show/pretend to be in a certain mind-set, but at heart, one is quaking and shaking. If all things be equal, the grappler with the true “going through you” mindset will be the victor everytime.

  7. Of course Fury and Mayweather were trained heavily and their matches completely planned out in advance. They were active fighters at the time and an injury could cost them millions. Batista’s Strikeforce fight was the equivalent to Fury’s match, on the card to draw, not actually be good. Lashley was certainly protected, but you don’t luck your way to 15-2. He’s more legit than most heavyweights out there. Also, Jake Hager, Sexy Star, and Alberto El Patron.

    The money in mma is crap for all but a select few. Plus, major feds have downside guarantees that wrestlers can live on if they get hurt. In mma, you have guys retiring because they live fight to fight, get hurt and miss a payday, and can’t support their families. Most of prelim fighters in UFC are only getting $10-20k a fight. The curtain jerkers in WWE are getting 6 figure
    a year downside guarantees.


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