Mark Henry – “Randy Orton Is Relishing Being The Guy That He Is Today”

"Work wise, promo wise, career wise. There's nobody else on the planet that's living up to Randy Orton's excellence." - Mark Henry

WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of Busted Open Radio Mark Henry recently discussed the ongoing feud between RAW Superstar Randy Orton and Edge. Henry has previously praised Orton specifically for ‘carrying’ the feud singlehandedly whilst Edge is off of television ‘recovering’ from the chair shot he took on January 27th.

Mark Henry on Randy Orton

“I’m gonna read something right now, I get a text yesterday” Henry began on the SiriusXM show. “‘Hey, man, I watched [WWE] Backstage, and I heard the kind words that you said about me. That sincerely means a lot my man.’ And that was from Randy. Randy Orton respects the fact that we [the performers] honor him. That we hold him at a high regard and justifiably so, he deserves it.”

“Arguably The Best Heel In The Industry”

Henry would also call Orton arguably the best ‘heel’ in the wrestling industry right now. “He’s arguably the best heel in pro wrestling today” Henry stated. “Work wise, promo wise, career wise. There’s nobody else on the planet that’s living up to Randy Orton’s excellence. Randy listens to this [Busted Open] show, and every time it’s not because it is about him per se. It’s about the fact that he lifts up the business. He cares about the business of pro wrestling, just like you and I. You’re the superfan. I was the superfan that became a wrestler. That actually got to come back in the media and relay that message. And I feel like I’m the voice of the wrestler that gets to respond to the fans. And I’m letting all y’all know that Randy Orton is relishing being the guy that he is today.”

“I’m looking so forward to next week that I just can’t even…”

Mark Henry would finish by saying that he holds Randy Orton in high regard. He also made it clear that he holds RAW above SmackDown in terms of quality television right now. “It’s much appreciated as a fan of pro wrestling. And as a former wrestler? I hold Randy at a high regard. And it’s going to continue to be that way. I’m looking so forward to next week that I just can’t even…I know I’m shouldn’t be pushing past Friday. I shouldn’t be pushing past Smackdown, I shouldn’t be pushing past the pay per view Elimination Chamber. But I’m so ready for Monday.”

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