Mark Henry Reveals New Role He’ll Play In WWE Locker Room

Mark Henry will be at all WWE PPVs moving forward to address issues in the locker room.

47-year-old Mark Henry has been with WWE almost half his life, having joined the company in 1996. Although he hasn’t officially retired, his last match was at the Greatest Royal Rumble nearly 10 months ago.

According to comments Henry recently made on Sam Roberts’ podcast, he is about to play a larger role backstage than before. In particular, Henry plans to fix issues in the WWE locker room.

“I will be at all PPVs now,” Henry said. “This is really new, like in the last two weeks. Every PPV there’s going to be issues with people in the locker room. We’re going to re-establish the leadership chain of command.”

Mark Henry On WWE Locker Room

Early on the show, Henry explained some of the issues he plans to address.

“Me being gone this last year and a half, there’s a lot of stuff that’s happened in the locker room that would have never happened under my watch,” Henry said on the show. “People arguing and fussing about stuff. There’s been some disrespecting my wife or my girlfriend type of stuff. There’s been a couple of people been habitually late, which Vince hates, but he don’t have Taker or me. Booker’s not there, only at TV. Big Show’s been injured. All the guys that hold people’s face to the fire is not there.”

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