Mark Henry – Rob Gronkowski has “Ronda Rousey or Kurt Angle” Potential

Mark Henry talks Gronk's potential in a WWE ring

Gronkowski WWE
Rob Gronkowski in WWE

WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of Busted Open Radio Mark Henry recently discussed the Three-Time NFL Superbowl Champion Rob Gronkowski and his switch to the squared circle. Henry would have huge praise for the former NFL tight end and he believes that Gronk has a massive amount of potential in WWE.

“Rob Gronkowski has a lot of personality” Mark Henry began. “He [Gronk] is a walking, living party happening 24 hours a day. I love the guy, I think that he’s gonna make a really good wrestler. Once you’ve got some seasoning and some in-ring experience.”

Mark Henry would elaborate further; saying that he believes the right time for Gronkowski to debut would be WrestleMania next year. Henry would also compare Gronk’s potential to that of two huge cross over stars from WWE’s past. “I’d say by WrestleMania next year; I don’t know if he’ll be at Ronda Rousey level for a first timer, or Kurt Angle for a first timer, but he has that potential.”

The ‘World’s Strongest Man’ would finish by saying that we do not know what sort of combat ability Gronkowski has, and that he could shock the audience. “It’s just cool to see somebody with the potential to be great. You know he’s gonna have to learn some of the fighting arts. I don’t know if Gronk can box. We don’t know if he can shoot wrestle. We don’t know if he could kickbox, there’s a lot about Gronkowski that we don’t know.”

It was announced on Friday’s SmackDown Live that Rob Gronkowski will be the host of this year’s WrestleMania. For the first time ever Mania will be held over two nights on April 5th/6th.

Rob Gronkowski

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