Mark Henry Talks Jake Roberts ‘Overshadowing’ Lance Archer

WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of Busted Open Radio Mark Henry recently commented on the on-screen chemistry of Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and Lance Archer.

When Jake Roberts first appeared on AEW television it was to the shock of the wrestling audience. Roberts has not been a prominent figure in such a high profile role in many, many years.

When it was confirmed that Roberts would be managing Lance Archer, there were some who were concerned that WWF legend would overshadow the newcomer to All Elite Wrestling. Mark Henry confirmed that he doesn’t see that as being the case.

Lance Archer

“No, I don’t think that that Jake is overshadowing Lance Archer” Henry would begin on the show. “There’s been many managers, that you know…I remember Bobby Heenan with Andre [The Giant]. He was the most vocal of the two and he brought up a bunch of valid points, but he never overshadowed Andre.”

Henry would elaborate further on the point, comparing the dynamic to Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. “And then you have Paul Heyman, we consider Paul to be one of the top managers of all time. He’s been the mouthpiece and the spokesman, but every now you’ll see Brock Lesnar go, ‘Paul, now’s not the time for comedy. Say what I told you to say.’ And then you see who the boss is.”

Focus on Business

Bringing the discussion back to Archer and Roberts, Henry pointed out that Archer will need to establish he is the top dog and cement the dynamic ala Heyman and Lesnar. “At some point? Archer is just gonna turn to Jake and say ‘Snake? You here because I want you here, I need to focus on my business. You just say what I said.’ It’s easily done like that, there won’t be overshadowing. If I see it? I know they see it.”

Lance Archer will be challenging to become the inaugural TNT Champion this weekend at the AEW Double or Nothing PPV when he faces Cody Rhodes in the tournament final.

Do you think that Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts is overshadowing Lance Archer in AEW? Let us know in the comments

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