Mark Henry Thinks CM Punk’s Starrcast Appearance Is Big Step Towards Wrestling Return

CM Punk Mark Henry

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry offered his take on CM Punk being recently announced as a guest at the upcoming Starrcast III next month.

In the eyes of Henry, he thinks this could be a perfect stepping stone for Punk to try to make a return to pro wrestling. 

Henry stated out by stating that sometimes people get bitter as he felt like he was screwed over by WWE. Henry question if fans are giving him too raw a deal and that Punk needs to be able to come to grips with it before fans cast judgment on him for abandoning what they love. 

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Henry continued to talk about how Punk used to love wrestling but wrestling might not have loved him back. “I mean, this is a big step for him to come back to us. Maybe he’s starting to let it go, maybe he’s dealt with it, I hope so.”

Henry added, “I think that [All Elite Wrestling] is tailor-made.” He would talk about the freedom that Punk would have in AEW compared to his time in WWE. 

The three-day Starrcast III convention is scheduled to take place from August 29 – September 1st at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.


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    Hardly anyone gives a fart about a washed-up hasbeen who was never a top draw to begin with.