Martha Hart Responds To Jerry McDevitt’s Comments

Dr. Martha Hart responded to comments made by WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt recently.

Martha Hart and Owen Hart

Dr. Martha Hart has been taking part in several media interviews this week. Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring covered Owen Hart’s tragic fall in their season 2 finale Tuesday night. Martha spoke about WWE’s legal tactics as the wrongful death lawsuit was unfolding when speaking with Chris Jericho on Talk is Jericho and in an interview with CBS Sports. WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt responded to her comments in a lengthy, and at times aggressive, statement to CBS Sports.

“We were basically trying to find out what happened that night. Martha wasn’t even interested from a distance to find out what had happened that night; she just wanted to use it as a vehicle to beat a business in which she didn’t like her husband being, the wrestling business,” McDevitt said about Martha.

Martha Hart Responds To Jerry McDevitt

“In response to Jerry McDevitt’s recent comments I want to make it very clear, if there was one person on this planet who wanted to get to the bottom of what happened to my husband Owen it was me!” Martha Hart said in a statement released to media.

“The defense on the other hand was doing everything in their power to muddy the waters (as they try to continue to do) in an effort to detract from the case because they didn’t have one. I read every single affidavit taken, sat through endless face-to-face depositions, and spent over a year of my life dissecting every solitary fact of this case. To insinuate for one second that I of all people did not care about the truth behind Owen’s death, but instead was more interested in a ridiculous vendetta against the wrestling business, is beyond the pale.”

McDevitt’s full statement can be found here and Martha’s full response can be found here.

Celebrate Owen Hart and Support The Owen Hart Foundation

Unfortunately, the nastiness involved in the aftermath of Owen Hart’s death remains even to this day. On May 23rd it will be exactly 21-years since the world lost Owen Hart. Fans of Owen’s do have an option to celebrate Owen’s life and career, however.

VICE media and the Owen Hart Foundation have teamed up to create the first official Owen Hart merchandise in over 20 years. All proceeds from the sales of the below t-shirts go to support the Owen Hart Foundation.

In an interview with Chris Jericho on Talk is Jericho, Dr. Martha Hart stated that much of the work the Owen Hart Foundation does mirror the kind of person Owen was in life. She told the story of Owen once offering a person experiencing homelessness use of his hotel room. The Owen Hart Foundation now offers programs to help low-income families and individuals purchase homes. The Foundation also provides scholarships for students.

The Foundation was created with funds from the wrongful death lawsuit against WWE.

Examples of the great work done by the Owen Hart Foundation can be found in the below Tweets:

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