Matt Hardy Addresses Brand Status

WWE Superstar Matt Hardy has clarified his current brand status, describing himself as in "LIMBO."

Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy has directly addressed his current brand status in WWE. Responding to a Twitter question, the Superstar described his current as “Matt Hardy in LIMBO.” He also pointed out how, despite appearing on RAW, he was never officially a part of that roster. 

“Ever since I returned last February, I’ve been listed on the #SmackDown roster. When I performed on #RAW in November & December, I wasn’t ever officially put on RAW roster. Saw several websites suggesting I’d switched roster pages, but not the case. Call me Matt Hardy in LIMBO”

Matt Hardy’s RAW Return

After an extended period away from in-ring action, Matt Hardy returned to the ring on RAW. Upon his return, many fans were surprised to see him wearing attire reminiscent of his time in Team Xtreme alongside Lita and his brother, Jeff Hardy.

Despite a swell of excitement following his initial comeback, Hardy was, unfortunately, able to accrue much momentum on his time on the red brand, losing matches week after week. 

Serving Two Masters

In a recent episode of Thoughts form the Throne, Matt Hardy spoke about how wrestlers and promoters now have to serve “two masters.” He highlighted how the industry now has to appeal to both the diehard fan and the casual fan. It is an approach he has embraced, admitting that he is “trying to cater to both.”