Matt Hardy Addresses John Oliver’s WWE Comments

Matt Hardy has shared his thoughts on John Oliver's recent criticisms of WWE.

Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy

John Oliver’s comments over WWE’s treatment of its talent continues to be a hot topic of conversation for many. Just recently, Matt Hardy was interviewed by During the short discussion, Hardy would defend the company that he has called home for the majority of his career.

“When I first started here […] the locker room, everything was like the wild wild west then. And the change that has happened in those 20-plus years has been unreal. I mean, now the drug testing is very stringent, […] you have to be here, and you have to be good, and you have to be on top of your game, you have to be a professional,” he explained.

“The physicals they do, as far as cardiovascular and just checking you over and over—there have been several guys they caught that have had issues that could have been life-threatening if they didn’t catch it here, and just the way they take care of you…every surgery I ever had, WWE has paid for,” he said.

“They Take Care Of Everything”

He went on to address Oliver’s comments more directly, calling his thoughts not only passé but outdated.

“It’s just some of the stuff that the John [Oliver] talked about was kind of passé, kind of outdated because now they really do [take care of wrestlers’ health],” Matt argued. “They take care of everything, especially stuff that happens in house.

“As far as the whole health insurance thing, that’s kind of a different argument, because we do a different gig in many, many ways. But WWE has never done anything but be great to me. They’ve taken care of me in every capacity, every front, and they’ve given me a great life.”

Matt Hardy and his brother, Jeff, recently won the SmackDown Tag Team Championships from The Usos. He also teased the idea of a title unification matchup against current RAW Tag Team Champions, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins.