Matt Hardy Comments on EC3 and Undertaker’s True Age

In addition to performing on the 205 Live shows this weekend, Matt Hardy also took time to comment publicly on Ethan Carter III and the Undertaker.

It is believed ECIII is WWE bound and Hardy took the time to mention his past with him:

ECIII was recently spotted at the WWE Performance Center.

Matt Hardy Q and A

Hardy also took part in a live Q and A session with fans on Facebook Live over the weekend. In addition to answering other questions, Hardy commented that he does not believe we have seen the last of the Undertaker.

According to Matt, the Undertaker has been around for nearly 4000 years:

“The Undertaker is one of the oldest souls in existence. I get chills speaking of him. He has been around for nearly 4,000 years. He was in the most powerful vessel ever when he was known as the Man of Dead, The Deadman. Yes, Undertaker — I have a very strong suspicion we have not seen the last of him. I have an enormous amount of respect for The Deadman. He is possibly the most magical Superstar in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment, the history of the WWE.”