Matt Hardy Hints At In-Ring Return

Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy

Months ago, it appeared as though Matt Hardy had retired from in-ring competition. The “Woken Warrior” hinted at this via his social media and through backstage comments, at one point thanking fans for allowing him to live his dream before stating that it was “time to go home and be a father.”

Since then, Hardy has been working for the WWE as a backstage agent and spokesperson.

However, it appears that the Hardy brother may have an itch to get back in the ring, despite his long-standing injuries.

Taking to his Twitter account, Matt Hardy wrote the following whilst promoting the first Raw of 2019:

“Excited to check out the 1st #RAW of 2019 tonight, especially with all the interesting things that are advertised. Most importantly, I need to see where all the pieces are positioned & moving to on the @WWE chess board.


The last time Matt Hardy competed in-ring was during a WWE Live Event in September 2018. That show saw him complete his “final advertised live event commitment,” teaming with Bray Wyatt against the team of Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

What do you think? Would you like to see the “Woken Warrior” rise again, or do you think Hardy should stay as a backstage presence?