Matt Hardy Hints At NXT Rumors, Thanks Randy Orton

With several promotions reportedly interested in Matt Hardy, the Superstar recently hinted at rumors he may join NXT in some capacity.

Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy is on the cusp of a major career decision. With his WWE contract reportedly expiring soon, several promotions are said to be interested in the WWE Superstar. WWE has allegedly made “overtures to him” in their efforts to keep him, one of which includes him becoming a part of the NXT system in some capacity. Taking to his Twitter account, Hardy teased the NXT rumors currently revolving around him.

“With a hand of days remaining, nothing is yet written in stone. Every major player is currently on the board, everyone’s at the table. I must rePROCURE. I must be RESURRECTED. I must seek out my ARCADIA.Then what’s NeXT? #FreeTheDELETE”

He also uploaded a YouTube video to his channel called “DEAR DR RKO” where he addressed the brutal attacks at the hands of Randy Orton. He spoke about how he should be livid at Orton but isn’t. Rather than the attacks being a curse, he instead considers them to a blessing, thanking Orton for his actions.

Exalted Matt Hardy?

There has been speculation that Hardy would be revealed as the Dark Order’s “Exalted One” in AEW. Raven appeared on a recent episode of AEW Dynamite in the background, hinting at his potential involvement. However, some have theorised he was just a distraction to Hardy’s arrival.

If Hardy elects to stay with WWE, that would obviously scupper any plans that may exist. With the Superstar eager to work somewhere the allows him greater creative control, the answer may come down to which promotion will grant him his request.